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Car insurance in the Netherlands

Before you get a vehicle in the Netherlands, you need to understand a little about insurance. Whenever you drive in the Netherlands, you have to have proper insurance. You have many different insurance providers to choose from when you get your policy.

The insurance policy will cover your vehicle and not the driver. Someone that has a legal driver's license can you drive your car. A person who has their name on the insurance policy is responsible for any damage to that vehicle. To get auto insurance in the Netherlands, you need:

  1. Ported foreign car or a Dutch car. It has to be registered it was a Dutch license plate. You also need a valid driver's license
  2. You have to be a Dutch resident
  3. You can only have one vehicle on your insurance policy because the vehicle is insured and not the driver. companies will offer discount insurance rates if you take out insurance on an additional vehicle

In the Netherlands, insurance companies for vehicles are regulated by the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank. To ensure that all vehicles are properly insured, this is looked after by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority.

Types of Insurance:

Third-Party Liability

Will be the minimum level of vehicle insurance. This will cover damage that is caused to your vehicle by another party. This includes damage to property, damage to vehicles, or injuries to another individual. Coverage is provided if you have an accident and you are at all. If you're driving an expensive or an older vehicle or don't drive all that often, this is the sensible option.

Extended Liability

This will cover damages caused by a third-party, but it also covers damage to your car in circumstances that are beyond your individual control. This includes:

  1. Theft
  2. Fire
  3. Vandalism
  4. Collisions with animals
  5. Storm damage

All Risk

Another word for this is comprehensive insurance. This will cover damage that is inflicted on third parties and the damage to your vehicle. There are exceptions, such as intentional damage. Speak to your insurance provider about this type of coverage. If you have an expensive or a new vehicle, this is good insurance to have.

Costs of Insurance

Another there are a number of factors that go into the cost of car insurance. If you are considered to be lower risk, you will get cheaper car insurance. Things that are taken into account in regard to car insurance premiums are as follows:

  1. Experience and driver history

  2. History and age of the vehicle owner

  3. The weight of the vehicle

  4. The value of the vehicle

Insurance premiums in the Netherlands are around 400 Euros. This is considered to be the sixth-highest in the European Union.

Other Types of Insurance

There are a few other types of insurance, such as breakdown Insurance, equipment and Luggage insurance, no claim protection, personal accident insurance, and legal expenses Insurance. Speak to your insurance provider about these different types of policies.

No Claims Bonus

Reduce the cost of your insurance premiums according to the number of years that you have gone without making an insurance claim. Every year that you go without making a claim, you'll get a further discount. Each of the insurance companies in the Netherlands will have their own no claims skiing. You could save as much as 80% on the annual cost of your insurance if you don't have a claim for a number of years.

You may also be able to carry over your claim-free years from another Insurance Company If you happen to switch providers. You can also use a partner's claim free years if you are going to be ensuring a car that will be used by a couple. If you have a port driving record, then you may have a penalty. You could receive a penalty if you are involved in an incident where you were at fault. You could be penalized if you have had a misdemeanor such as a drunk-driving charge or a speeding charge. You may receive a penalty if you are an inexperienced or a younger driver.


There are several large companies in the Netherlands where you can get insurance these included the following:

  1. FBTO
  2. Allianz
  3. Centraal Beheer
  4. De Goudse
  5. Ditzo
  6. Nationale-Nederlanden
  7. Reaal
  8. Unive
  9. Voogd & Voogd

Ask Questions

Ask questions before you get any policy. You should ask what is required for you to receive discounts. You should understand what is going to be covered in the policy. You should understand the deductible and the excess auctions available to you. Before you get your policy, you should look at the reputation of the company and its process for making a claim. You should see if they offer things such as roadside assistance. Each company will have its own application policy, so you need to understand everything before you sign up.


You have several things to think about before you get car insurance in the Netherlands/Holland. There are several resources you can use to help you make your decisions. This includes the RDW or Netherlands Vehicle Authority. You can also look to the Dutch Insurance regulator or DMV. AFM or Netherlands Authority for financial markets regulates the Dutch Insurance sector, so you might want to check with them as well. Take your time before you get insurance to ensure that you get a policy that will work for you.